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Elizabeth High School girls launch flag football team

The baseball dugout at Elizabeth High School is filled with the sounds of girls discussing stinky cleats, no-show socks and misshapen mouthguards. They’re filled with excitement and optimism. They aren’t there to play baseball; they’re part of the new EHS girls’ flag football team. What began as a group of about nine students has grown…

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Column: A Seussical musical at Lakewood Culture Center

It may not be a “proper” word, but when someone describes something as Seussian, you basically know what it means. Dr. Seuss is famous the world over for the fantastical and surreal worlds he created and populated with characters like The Cat in the Hat, Horton the Elephant and The Lorax. 

Column: Making ’Beautiful’ music at the Arvada Center

For those who are unfamiliar, a jukebox musical is a show that features tunes most audiences are familiar with. And that kind of show is practically made for “Beautiful,” the story of singer, songwriter and all-around legend Carole King. 


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From the Editor: Weight of healthcare

Over the years, the women in our family have often joked about being cursed as soon as we reach adulthood.…

Column: What’s up, world?

On a recent flight from Houston, Texas to Newark, New Jersey, I had a seatmate that had a very interesting…


Commissioners cause dismay

The three-member board of Douglas county commissioners once again is in the news over infighting between themselves. It is embarrassing…

Commissioners’ foolishness

The county commissioners’ office and role is to be “responsible under state statute for the health, safety, and welfare of…

Stop cut-through traffic

Pertaining to the Sept. 14 article in the Highlands Ranch Herald that gave detailed information about the ongoing construction at…

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