Aerial view of a newspaper office. Stacks of newspapers in a black credenza. Reporters working t their desk in the background.
Credit: Deborah Grigsby

Our story

Our story is your story, actually.

American publisher and media mogul Nelson Poynter once said every community deserves a newspaper that loves it best—and every day at Colorado Community Media we get to love some of the best communities in the state.

While you may not know us by our fancy formal name, Colorado Community Media, you’ll probably recognize us by the masthead in any of our newspapers in the 24 vibrant communities we serve—and we’ve served some of them for more than 100 years.

As the state’s largest local media outlet, it’s our job—and our privilege—to tell the stories of your community and connect more than 350,000 residents each week with the local news and events that matter most.

We’re not just another news organization—we’re your news organization and that’s what makes us different from the others. We’re not chasing stories a thousand miles away. Heck, we’re not even chasing stories on the other side of the state.

We’re chasing the stories that matter most to you, our readers.

We’re there to cover city council meetings and school board elections and ask the important questions no one wants to ask.

Along with high school graduations, we’re there to cheer on the hometown team as they make their way to the state championship—and to recognize valiant efforts in the face of defeat.

We’re the ones who show up and support local businesses with local business profiles and coverage of ribbon-cutting ceremonies.

We’ve got the scoop on crime, local art, music and dining.

And we like going to the county fairs as much as you do.

Along with our readers, our employees and partners help us succeed.

Our reporters are more than just employees, they are dedicated, diverse, and vested members of the communities in which they live and report—working and raising families in neighborhoods just like yours.

In 2021, Colorado Community Media began a new chapter as part of the Colorado News Conservancy, a bold effort to keep local newspapers, in the hands of locals.

The result changed our business model, very much for the good.

In short, we’ve moved from the standard for-profit business model that most newspaper organizations embrace to a more reader-centric public benefit corporation.