We are firefighters from the Elk Creek Professional Fire Fighters, Local 4710. On October 12, a roomful of firefighters – both volunteer and career – were told we should not be called “heroes” because we were, instead, “despicable liars.” (This information is verifiable in videos of the board meeting, which can be found on the My Mountain Town YouTube channel.)

Why are we telling you this? Because the same person who said that leads an anti-consolidation organization that appears to be attempting to trick the community into voting “No” for the upcoming ballot initiatives regarding fire-department consolidation. (We firefighters, both career and volunteer, will be voting “Yes.”)

Let us be clear: the organization “Save Elk Creek Fire,” from whom you may have received a double-sided flyer in your mailbox, has nothing to do with Elk Creek Fire, and its attempt to mislead you as such and to confuse you is an insult to voters. As a means of doing so, this organization has unethically taken Elk Creek Fire’s trademarked logo, continues to use it even after a cease and desist letter was sent – this information is verifiable by a records request – by using the fire department’s name on all their propaganda (the fire department is not allowed to campaign, so their name should not be on any campaign material) and by trying to convince you a “No” vote will “save” Elk Creek Fire. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

As career firefighters, it is so important to us that you have the truth and facts around a decision that will affect the future of emergency services in this community. Please see the firefighter-and-concerned-citizen-approved website www.asaferconifer.org for facts. www.mountainfireresources.com is another fact-based website that presents studies on the benefits of consolidation. Or ask any of us about it. We will be happy to speak with you in more detail at asaferconifer@gmail.com. But please, do your research before you vote.

We represent career firefighters (Local 4710), and we say Yes to Consolidation. Our volunteer colleagues will tell you the same. We all know that working together as a united front is what this community needs as we face a growing and aging population and an ever-increasing threat of potentially catastrophic wildfire. This is why 7D, 7E, and 7F are each an easy “Yes” for every one of us.

The Elk Creek Professional Firefighters Local 4710

Paul Scott, President

Adam Nesbitt, Vice-President

Bethany Urban, Secretary/Treasurer

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