As a parent and grandparent here in Jefferson County, I was excited to hear about Thomas Wicke, a candidate for Jeffco school board. We believe parents should have a meaningful role in their child’s education and Thomas, also, values putting parents in the driver’s seat.

Too often we hear stories of the school district superseding parents or favoring teachers over parents. Parents should be able to opt their children out of surveys or courses they disagree with. And school staff should never undermine parents when it comes to their own child. Yet we’ve seen this happen, even recently.

Dr. Thomas Wicke has a track record of involving various stakeholders to come up with a reasonable solution for problems. In fact, the US government asked Thomas to consult with them after Hurricane Katrina ravaged New Orleans. Thomas knows how to solve problems. This skill is vitally needed in our school district that is upside-down financially and has been in the news for flagrant disregard for parents, such as supporting the recent teachers union letter telling staff to circumvent federal and state privacy laws.

We need a voice of reason on the school board. This is definitely Thomas Wicke! He’s got the skills and the character we need to speak on behalf of parents! Vote your ballot for Thomas Wicke for school board!

Karen Morgan, Arvada

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