My Name Is ... Santa

A jolly fellow from up north who delivers presents on Christmas


About me

I'm known by many names depending on where you are in the world. In England I'm know as Father Christmas; in France and Canada as Pere Noel; but here in the United States I'm known as Santa Claus, Saint Nicholas or Kris Kringle. The wonderful children in Highlands Ranch usually just call me “Santa.”

My age is a very closely guarded secret; why not even Mrs. Claus knows exactly how old I am!

Traveling to Highlands Ranch

I do most of my “work” at the North Pole but I get to come to Highlands Ranch early in December to meet with all of the boys and girls to find out what they'd like to have for Christmas, then I return on Christmas Eve to do my best to grant their wishes. I also have elves that show up in many homes here in Highlands Ranch at this time of year and they report to me every night on how the boys and girls in Highlands Ranch are behaving. So far I've gotten very good reports!

Because I get to travel all over the world, I get to learn about many, many people from many different countries. I've learned in my travels that children in the metropolitan area and especially in Highlands Ranch, are some of the most polite children in the world! When I visit with them they almost always remember to wish me a Merry Christmas.

Advice for children

Sometimes at this time of year children focus on receiving gifts rather than giving a gift to someone in need. If you think about it, a gift anyone can give to someone else is the gift of kindness. So, children of Highlands Ranch, PLEASE work hard at being kind to your family, your schoolmates, your teachers, your friends and even strangers that you meet. It takes very little effort on your part, but it could make someone's day a whole lot better!

Favorite spots in town

My favorite spot in Highlands Ranch is anywhere I can visit with the wonderful boys and girls! My second favorite place is Kneaders Bakery & Café. They have OUTSTANDING cookies!!!

An extra hobby

When I'm not visiting children all over the world, I love to visit adults in the hospitals and in nursing homes. Did you know that some adults in these facilities never get any visitors at all? My visits with these adults makes them smile and remember their childhood. That ALWAYS makes me happy!!!

A note to Santa

Everyone knows that I love cookies, but I know that sometimes at the homes I visit on Christmas Eve there might not be any cookies. That's never a problem for me because often the children will write me a personal note. I love those notes even more than cookies!!! As a matter of fact, I take those notes with me to the North Pole and I decorate my workshop at the North Pole with those notes.

Merry Christmas to all and please remember to go to bed early on Christmas Eve (that goes for you too mom & dad)!

Ho ho ho!

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