Letter - Biden has achieved much


In response to John Couf's letter, “Don't stand with Democrats,” I submit the following response. His claim that President Biden is the worst president we've ever had is without basis. History shows there were many worse than Biden, including Trump.

His claim about inflation is misleading. Thirty-eight countries experienced high inflation rates as well. The COVID pandemic and the fact that oil prices quadrupled were huge factors causing high inflation. Biden has tried to help by drawing on our oil reserves and the cost of gasoline has decreased. Inflation rates for food and other routine purchases were on the rise before Biden took office.

In Biden's first year in office several pieces of legislation were passed and several executive orders were issued which benefited all Americans. Following are a few of them. For the sake of brevity I will just name them and leave it to the reader to research them.


1. American Rescue Plan; 2. Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act; 3. Bills to avoid government shutdown; 4. Juneteenth National Independence Day Act; 5. Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act

Executive orders:

1. Reversed some of Trump policies; 2. Established vaccine requirements; 3. Gun control; 4. Climate targets; 5. Improving government access

There were many more actions taken to improve the lives of Americans.

Trump, in four years, ignored the COVID pandemic far too long, Hundreds of thousands of Americans perished. A tax reduction package was passed but it benefited millionaires in the upper 1% more than anyone else. He promised infrastructure improvements, affordable child and elderly care, among others, and failed.

The main things Trump achieved in those four years was to divide the country, preach hatred and racism, tell countless lies including the big lie and, of course, enrich himself.

Who is the better president of the two?

Lawrence Sena

Castle Rock


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