Letter - Don’t vote without checking


Don’t vote for any elected official, be it for your municipality, town, city, county or state, who does not want better gun control laws. Yes, our Constitution says we have the right to bear arms. But our Founding Fathers (in 1776) only knew of knives, axes, swords and single-shot pistols. The wannabe elected officials will tell you I’ll do this, this and this. When they have been doing the opposite.

Politicians have taken over the control of a woman’s body, men — we are next! Who knows when the politicians will tell us men that we have fathered one child, so now we have to get the snip, snip done. You snicker to yourself, but that day might come. Do you want control over your body or the government?

We the people need to have an amendment to our state and/or national Constitution. Planned Parenthood should be every woman’s and man’s choice from past, present and any future medical devices/information. I’m pro-choice for almost everything, and I don’t need a political party to tell me how to vote. Remember — the politicians are elected by the people for the people and on things that matter to you.

I’m an unaffiliated voter (I make my choices, not a political party).

Ronald Nigh

Highlands Ranch


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