Letter: Freedom from tyranny needed


On July 4, 1776, the leaders of the American Colonists signed a Declaration of Independence to free the Colonists from the tyranny of the British crown. Thomas Paine, an Englishman living in the colonies, had written a book “Common Sense” saying that it was ridiculous for an island to rule a continent. It was widely read and many believed this was true although there were a large number of Loyalists supporting the Crown. A war soon followed. My great great great grandfather Johan Hoffman fought in this war from 1777 until 1780.

The Colonists won and a Constitution was written. It provided for the protection of the minority. Now with the overturning of Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court ruling represents the tyranny of the minority, 25% are controlling the lives of 75%. Twenty-eight of our states are passing laws to prohibit abortion. This could cause more harm and suffering because our poor women cannot make it to states that will take care of their needs. The minority do not believe that the majority should be protected from their laws. I am pro-life and pro-choice which I think is the only common sense balance for our laws.

To me pro-life means bringing children into the world if they can be healthy and thrive and wanted. If a daughter is impregnated by her father, she should have the choice of an abortion. Rape is another reason to allow abortion. It should be the mother’s choice and not the politician.

At a time in history when zero population growth is desired on planet earth, it is not using good sense to encourage our numbers to grow. Some believe the large number of people is the main cause of increased climate disasters. The present population of almost 8 billion people will likely soon face mass starvation and disease that will increase dramatically in our arid nations. It is time for the tyranny of the reign of the few to consider the rights of the majority.

This July 4th we need a new Declaration of Independence, not from the tyranny of the crown, but from the tyranny of some of our own Americans.

Derald Hoffman

Highlands Ranch


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