Letter to the editor: Vote for Proposition 113



● Presidential candidates campaigning and paying attention to ALL states, not just a handful of swing states!

● Republicans in California (or Colorado) and Democrats in Texas having their votes actually matter (instead of being thrown in the dust-bin)! This actually reduces the impact of large states!

● Every vote counts the same! Nobody gets “extra influence” because of their mailing address. One Person, One Vote.

● The candidate who gets the most votes wins! This is true for EVERY other elected position in the U.S.

● An election can no longer be hijacked by a small number of fraudulent votes in one or two states. What happened in Florida (2000) and Michigan (2016) … or very nearly happened in Ohio (2008) … could not occur with a National Popular Vote.

States control the Electoral College, so states can implement reforms. Colorado has already done that by joining the National Popular Vote Agreement. Proposition 113 asks the voters of our state to approve of that decision.

We should all be proud of the many ways that Colorado leads the nation! We will look back, years from now, with similar pride in how Colorado helped assure that every vote counts the same and that the candidate with the most votes wins! Vote YES on Prop 113!

Stu Zeiger



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