Letter to the editor: Shame on Douglas County commissioners


On Aug. 6, our county commissioners published a letter commending our citizens for the low rate of hospitalizations for COVID-19. Not a word about the predominant reasons for our success: masks and social distancing.

Four weeks before that, they published a letter saying they chose to “opt out” of the Tri-County Health Department mandate requiring face coverings when in public places. They also chose to terminate membership in Tri-County Health.

Commissioner Laydon spoke of the fact that 75% of our people were voluntarily wearing masks, giving us low infection numbers, therefore it was not necessary to mandate that everyone wear one. Commissioner Thomas questioned the efficacy of the mask mandate. She believed trusting citizens to continue doing what they do without a mandate is the best approach.

So, they acknowledge masks are effective in slowing the virus spread. They acknowledge that it has given us remarkably favorable public health data. Where is the logic? If our numbers are so good with 75%, would they not be even better with 100%?

Commissioner Thomas questions the efficacy. If not for masks and social separation, please tell us Commissioner Thomas, why are our numbers so low.

And finally, an overwhelming majority of us (75%) believe that masks are of value, yet our commissioners chose to act in favor of the minority. A minority who stand a greater risk of spreading the virus.

Commissioners should act in the best interest of all citizens. Shame on you commissioners.

Howard Montrose,

Castle Rock


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