Letter to the editor: Douglas County made wrong call


Has common sense gone by the wayside? Will the ‘20s be driven entirely by a partisan divide that is growing alarmingly fast? It’s the fad to figure out what your ideological counterpart believes and accept the opposite, regardless of facts or common sense.

Face masks have become the latest trigger point. On July 8 the Tri-County Health Department issued a mask mandate. Their order makes sense. Masks will contain your spit molecules from dispersing. If you happen to be pre-symptomatic, or asymptomatic, you could be unknowingly spreading COVID-19 around your community. A cheap piece of fabric is all it will take to reduce the area your molecules will travel.

So, on July 9 when I heard my county (Douglas) had decided to cut ties with Tri-County Health, in part due to the mask order, I was disappointed. It makes no sense to cut ties with the current health department and pursue a new singular health department that will cost millions to create and will essentially do the same job.

Consider that we already have laws that are based on public safety and infringe on our “freedoms,” think of seat belt laws. This small infringement of the mask mandate may seem inconvenient, difficult, irregular, but it will help. Tri-County Health was doing their job. It isn’t worth it to cut ties with the agency over a temporary public health mandate. How temporary will depend on all of us.

Please Douglas County, set aside your political bias and use common sense.

John Haider

Castle Rock

Disappointed in commissioners’ decisions

We are residents of Highlands Ranch and parents to two young school-aged children. We decided to move to Douglas County for several reasons, including low taxes and the focus on health in this community.

We are terribly disappointed in the recent decisions of the DougCo BOCC: to opt out of a mask order and leave the Tri-County Health Department in the next year. They are ignoring health experts’ recommendations with these decisions. We trust leaders to make common-sense decisions using all available resources, especially during this global pandemic. They did not. This is unacceptable and irresponsible and we have questions:

What is the replacement plan? How much will it cost? Why will it be better for us as Douglas County residents? How can we develop an entirely new agency during the pandemic? What health-care professionals would work for this agency knowing the current board ignores experts? TCHD is one of the most cost-effective health agencies in our region, costing far less than most other Front Range agencies (see www.arapahoegov.com/AgendaCenter/ViewFile/Item/10805?fileID=17662). Why would we recreate the wheel during a pandemic? For a difficult-to-assemble, more expensive wheel?

The board’s recent decisions risk our community’s health and will likely increase our costs. One person making similar points is Darien Wilson. She is a successful small business owner and understands how to make fiscally responsible decisions without sacrificing quality. We will be voting for Darien for DougCo BOCC in November.

Julie and Matt McMonagle

Highlands Ranch


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