Lawn Dead Patches Repair


Whether it’s dog urine or rabbit regurgitation, there is a way to fix those dead patches. Cut the dead patch out with a flat shovel in the shape of a square instead of a complicated puzzle piece. Place this piece on a new piece of sod and line up two sides perfectly. Cut the other two sides of the square to match with your flat shovel. If needed, add a handful or two of good top soil to the cut out area, smooth it out and place your new piece of sod in the spot. Fit all four sides tightly. Try to make it as level with the existing lawn as possible. Water daily by hand for a few weeks until rooted in and growing. Do not let the new sod patches dry out. 

To prevent dead patches from occurring on your lawn, train your dog to urinate on a section of landscaping rock or a designated bathroom area in your yard. Instead of the whole yard being a dumping ground, dogs are quick to learn that a specific area can be used. My Huskey learned to use pea gravel (pun intended) on the side of the house after two weeks of training. Every morning before being let out, Kodi was leashed and walked over to the side of the house and told to go potty on the rocks. Once finished, she was given a treat. Every few hours this was the routine. She soon used that area specifically to do her duties and my lawn did not suffer any more burn patches.

If rabbits are the cause, they can be caught in a trap and relocated. (Call the Department of Natural Resources to find out specific laws for relocating trapped animals to avoid getting in trouble.) Traps with both ends open and a trip pan in the middle work best for rabbits. When you see a rabbit in your yard, slowly walk towards it and watch where they run and hide. Usually, they hide in bushes they’ve created a tunnel under or maybe under a deck. That’s where you place the trap. If rabbits can see through the trap they will continue to use that escape route and run right in the next time they have to hide. 

Finally, go online and search additional home remedies to keep rabbits off your lawn and ways to weaken the strength of dog urine. I’ve never tried any so I’m unable to recommend one method over another. Good luck. 


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