Don't let rhythm of day get out of time

Column by Michael Norton


The other day I was just cranking out work, I was on top of my game, calls were going well and meetings even better. It really seemed that I was moving efficiently and almost effortlessly from one task to the next and with each passing achievement I just fell into a smoother groove. I found my rhythm.

Has that ever happened to you? I mean that feeling when you are in step with your goals, in harmony with your work and with your team, and everyone and everything has melded into synchronicity? I have to tell you I love it when it does happen, I just wish it would happen more, don't you?

So a few thoughts about finding and maintaining our rhythm of the day come to mind.

First, instead of just wishing or hoping that we catch that rhythm or find our groove, we can actually be in more control of manifesting the harmony we desire each day. We can do that by setting the pace early in the day, getting after the most pressing tasks and “to-dos” items on our list instead of starting the day doing the things we know will only slow us down. We can engage others around us in a positive, chin up, head held high, shoulders back, enthusiastic and inviting attitude. We can turn productivity into a game, seeing how much we can actually get accomplished in a certain span of time.

It's like dancing right? When we see someone or a couple that are dancing and they are in step with the music, rhythm, and each other, they look like they are floating on air, and more importantly they look like the happiest people on earth. And when you look at people who are, well, dancing rather poorly, you can tell that it's forced and they are clearly out of step with no rhythm whatsoever.

Secondly, there are times when we find our rhythm of the day, but then something comes along that knocks us off balance, disrupts our pace and harmony. It could be a little drama, maybe a distraction, or an unexpected urgent event that causes us to slow down or maybe even come to an immediate stop. I'll bet this has happened to you too, I know it has happened to me.

The key is not to let the drama, distractions, urgent events or fire drills derail the entire day. Take charge again, deal with the issues that are right in front of you, and get back into your groove. It may not feel as natural as when you first started the day, however give it a few minutes and stay with it, I promise that the positive and productive rhythm you once had will be found and have you back in control and enjoying whatever it is that you are engaged in that day.

Lastly I would just share with you that for me I keep music playing all of the time. Whether I am working, exercising, cooking, hiking or just cleaning up around the house and doing chores. Sometimes it is really loud and fast-paced, and other times it is soft background music that helps me to find my pace and keep it going. Could be rock, classical, easy listening, reggae, Christian or jazz, it all just depends on what fits the order and desired rhythm of my day.

I would love to hear all about how you set the pace, find your groove, and boost productivity by getting into your rhythm of the day at This is going to be a better than good week, I can just feel it.

Michael Norton, a resident of Highlands Ranch, is the former president of the Zig Ziglar organization and CEO and founder of


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