Idaho Springs City Council changes the guard – Nov. 20, 2013

Former Idaho Springs mayor Jack Morgan told his successor, Michael Hillman, that the city was in a good position financially but that many challenges lay ahead. “I have a heart for this city,” Hillman choked up saying.

Former fire chief calls for more support – Nov. 23, 1988

Former Georgetown fire chief Brent Kruger said Clear Creek County’s fire departments “are in trouble” because of a lack of training, equipment and support at a hearing. Idaho Springs resident Clyde Anderson disagreed, saying, “it’s very difficult to argue against the proliferation of equipment–like arguing against motherhood and apple pie.”

728 signatures on Rec District recall petitions – Nov. 24, 1982

Ken Bagby, former Clear Creek Metropolitan Recreation District member who spearheaded the drive to remove three board members, including Vice President E. Blaine Thomas, said 728 signatures were collected for the recall petitions. Less than half of that number was needed to force a special recall election.

Juvenile telephone pranksters nabbed – Nov. 23, 1973

Two boys and three girls – all juveniles – were arrested in connection with a rash of harassing telephone calls to various Idaho Springs residents. The children would call people “purporting to be reporting emergencies,” Police Chief John Marks said. He also said, “They would say things like, ‘My house is burning down!’’ before screaming or crying and hanging up.

The Clear Creek Courant was created in August of 1973. These items come from Courant’s historic archives. As it turns out, previous Courant writers had the same idea for the paper’s 25th anniversary. Their section was dubbed, “Olds: Not to be confused with news.” It lives on for an entire year to celebrate the paper’s 50th birthday.

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