I am writing in support of Rep. Robert Marshall’s Nov. 16 forthright and telling column on property tax solutions.

As a newer citizen of this glorious state, I wish to study and learn before complaining. Having the luck (and grace) to land in Castle Rock, I am often impressed by what I see. Healthy people, happy kids, diligent workers, good services.

Yes, it’s pricier here but we appear to get great value for our money. But, I was pained to realize, soon after buying our house, that not only would my taxes go up some 33+% in the new year but the evaluations are every two years!

I went to work, researching, to understand the systems and that is why I applaud Rep. Marshall. He got honest, admitting he couldn’t figure it out while his colleagues basically shined him on whenever he asked. He “could not receive straight answers to basic questions.” No wonder it’s hard to understand.

It’s not crazy, in a world that often is, to wonder if that’s all on purpose, whilst tricks are being played out behind closed doors.

I know county and city staff and leaders work hard and need money to maintain the services we all enjoy. But, Please Dear God, work to keep a handle on tax and fee increases. Inflations of all kinds are gnawing at the fabric of family functions.

James Cioe

Castle Rock

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