An assembly line of people putting food onto plates
Volunteers serve up plates of a traditional Thanksgiving feast at the Seniors4Wellness Thanksgiving luncheon on Nov. 17. The luncheon served 147 area seniors and 42 volunteers. Credit: Deb Hurley Brobst

Area seniors were treated to a traditional Thanksgiving dinner with turkey, mashed potatoes and all of the trimmings.

The festive lunch on Nov. 17 was provided by Seniors4Wellness with the help of a host of volunteers from area service organizations. The seniors gathered in the parish hall at Christ the King Catholic Church in Evergreen to enjoy a meal, entertainment and camaraderie. 

Christ the King’s Knights of Columbus made the luncheon logistics look easy, doing the cooking and plating, while volunteers did the serving. Chef Rich Davis oversaw all aspects of the lunch, making sure the plates were appetizing.

Evergreen Rotary started the Thanksgiving luncheon for seniors nine years ago, and Seniors4Wellness took over the event two years ago after a pandemic hiatus. Seniors4Wellness is a nonprofit started by Evergreen resident Vince Ventimiglia, and the organization began offering programs for seniors after the Seniors’ Resource Center in Evergreen closed.

Volunteers came from Mountain Foothills Rotary, Evergreen Rotary, Knights of Columbus, Blue Spruce Kiwanis, Salvation Army and Church of the Hills, while Holly Berry donated the table centerpieces.  The luncheon served 147 area seniors and 42 volunteers.

Lena Humphrey, a seventh grader at Montessori School of Evergreen, took time out of school to volunteer at the luncheon. She was the youngest volunteer at the event, saying she enjoyed helping seniors and volunteering in the community.

The Rev. Richard Aylor, pastor at Church of the Hills, said the blessing before lunch was served.

”In this season of Thanksgiving, we give You thanks for this community, this gift of friends and family, and for our seniors,” Aylor said. “It is so special that we can come together to share a meal.”

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