Madelyn Harris, last year’s recipient of the Mary Timmins scholarship celebrates with family and friends at a reception in January of 2023. Credit: Photo courtesy of Mike Fisher

For the fourth year, Arapahoe Park Pediatrics, or APP, is accepting applications for the Mary Timmins Scholarship. 

This year more people can apply with the rule that applicants must demonstrate a passion for nursing and medical care. 

Mike Fisher, senior advisor with HMRx Advisors, said prior to this year the scholarship was only open to the families of APP. 

However, this year they should broaden the field to give opportunities to more.  

APP is awarding two $1,000 scholarships to anyone born in 2001 or later that resides in Arapahoe, Douglas and Jefferson counties. 

Fisher said the scholarship was established by the physicians of APP to honor the legacy of registered nurse Mary Timmins who worked at APP for more than 30 years. 

“She was a major component in their success and just delightful and very bright,” said Fisher. “She had a very good mind not only for the clinical side of medicine…she understood people just so well.” 

Additionally, Fisher said APP found that the number of applicants was limited as there aren’t many patients at APP who qualify in the age range for the scholarship.

Mike Timmins, Mary’s husband, said he feels great about the expansion and giving more people the opportunity to pursue the same passion as his wife. 

“I think (Mary) would think it’s great to get more women into nursing,” Timmins said. “She was very humble and very quiet, but I know she would be pleased to see that we’re doing this to encourage more girls if they have an interest in nursing, which is a critical category within the United States to get more nurses. The shortage is everywhere.” 

Timmins said she was a remarkable person and shortly after she retired, she died. 

“She was a wonderful woman and a wonderful wife,” Timmins said. “When she retired, she was diagnosed with an astrocytoma brain tumor that was inoperable and we fought that for four and half years until she passed away in 2020.” 

Fisher said the scholarship was founded to continue Mary’s legacy and encourage others to follow their passion for nursing.

Fisher said while more women typically enter the field the scholarship is open to everyone. 

Fisher said applicants need to submit a cover letter and a resume to Patricia Griffith at no later than 5 p.m. on Nov. 30. 

Fisher said a selection committee of APP physicians will review the application in December and will select the recipients by Dec. 31. Additionally, he said recipients will receive their scholarships by Jan. 15 and a small reception will be held for their family and friends. 

Qualified applicants must be enrolled in a nursing program or planning to enroll in a program and must include the name of the program in the application along with their anticipated start or graduation date, their intended goals in the field and an explanation for why they feel they deserve the scholarship. 

Dr. Tom McCall, an APP physician, is on the selection committee and he said while there are no specific criteria for applicants, the committee is seeking people who exhibit the same commitment and determination for nursing as Mary. 

“I don’t have many criteria except that the applicant would have a…passion for nursing and caring for people medically and wanting to pursue that passion and ambition and as long as that comes through their application then they would be a good candidate,” McCall said. 

The medical professional knew Mary and worked with her at APP. He said she would most likely be humbled by the scholarship being in her name. 

“She probably would be somewhat embarrassed that this kind of attention is being put on her because she was a very reserved person but also at the same time a very strong (person),” McCall said. “The families loved her, and she didn’t really do any of it for attention. I think she just really loved caring for the families and the kids.” 

Timmins said he thinks Mary would tell applicants to demonstrate their compassion and desire to serve people. 

“I am sure (Mary) would say the love of helping people, wanting to be there for people and just being a wonderful person that would enjoy helping in any kind of situation,” Timmins said. 

 Madelyn Harris received last year’s Mary Timmins scholarship. The 18-year-old said she was grateful to APP for awarding her the opportunity. 

“The scholarship means so much to me because Mary was one of my closest old neighbors when I was living at my old house,” Harris said. “She was the one who inspired me to become a nurse and to be in pediatrics.”

Harris, who is from Colorado, is a freshman in the Ann Vaughn School of Nursing program at the Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

“It’s been really fun and it’s changed my life so much,” Harris said. After she graduates Harris hopes to be a pediatric nurse and care for people. 

For more information applicants can reach out to Griffith at

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