Three men and a woman stand in a line in front of the Castle Rock library sign reading "Douglas County Libraries Philip and Jerry Miller Library."
Douglas County Commissioners George Teal and Lora Thomas stand with Douglas County Libraries Board member Terry Nolan and Executive Director Bob Pasicznyuk on Nov. 13 in front of the new sign on the Castle Rock library honoring Philip and Jerry Miller. A naming ceremony officially dubbed the building the Philip and Jerry Miller Library. Credit: Photo by McKenna Harford

In 1967, Philip and Jerry Miller funded part of Castle Rock’s first dedicated library building and later took care of its debt, earning the nicknames Mr. and Mrs. Library. 

Today, the Millers’ legacy lives on in a trust that continues to be one of the largest supporters of Douglas County Libraries, Executive Director Bob Pasicznyuk said. 

In honor of the Millers’ dedication to the community and literature, Douglas County Libraries named the new Castle Rock library after the couple.

A naming ceremony held on Nov. 13 at the Castle Rock library celebrated the Miller legacy and recognized the new Philip and Jerry Miller Library.

“I think there’s no better term to describe Philip Miller’s and Jerry Miller’s contribution to our community in terms of libraries than ‘munificence’ or extreme generosity,” Pasicznyuk said.

Douglas County commissioners, Castle Rock town council members and local residents advocated for the new library to continue bearing the Miller name because of the significant contributions the family made. 

Castle Rock’s previous library was named the Philip S Miller Library and when the new library opened, it didn’t originally carry the Miller name.

Douglas County Libraries Board of Directors approved naming Castle Rock’s new building the Philip and Jerry Miller Library in September after dozens of people spoke in favor of the name. 

Board Director Suzanne Burkholder said it’s important to name the library after the Millers to honor their “enduring impact,” as well as to encourage others to be generous to their neighbors.

“It should inspire each of us to do our part, as a part of our community and the next chapter of it,” Burkholder said.

More than 10,000 people attended the grand opening of the new Castle Rock library in August and Burkholder said it shows the crucial role libraries play in building community.

“(Douglas County Libraries) continue to honor this legacy of service to the community by being open and welcoming to all,” she said. “In word and deed, Douglas County Libraries has nurtured Philip Miller’s vision to ensure our libraries are trusted core institutions within our community.”

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