a woman and a man hug while two other board members watch
Board president Angela Christensen hugs Robert Reichardt goodbye after his last moments as a Littleton Public Schools Board of Education member. Board members Andrew Graham and Joan Anderssen wait to say their farewells. / Photo by Nina Joss.

The Littleton Public Schools Board of Education officially swore in its recently elected members and said farewell to one who has served the district for many years.

Lindley McCrary and Chérie Garcia-Kuper took their oaths of office on Nov. 16, after the district certified the unofficial election results that declared them victorious.

McCrary is beginning her second term on the board while Garcia-Kuper is taking her seat for the first time. Garcia-Kuper is replacing Robert Reichardt, who has reached his term limit.

A woman next to a judge raises her hand in taking an oath
Lindley McCrary takes her oath of office for her second term on the Littleton Public Schools Board of Education at a Nov. 16 meeting. / Photo by Nina Joss.

“I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the (Littleton Public Schools) community for electing me to serve on this board for a second term,” McCrary said. “It is an honor to serve this community in this capacity and I am incredibly excited for the work ahead.”

She thanked Garcia-Kuper, Michelle Redfearn and Brian Macaulay for showing their dedication to the district by running for office.

She also thanked her family for their support throughout the process.

Garcia-Kuper said she worked hard throughout the campaign process, and it is amazing to officially be on the board.

“I feel excited and humbled that I was elected to serve the students and staff of Littleton Public Schools,” she said. “And I cannot wait to get to work.”

The board expressed their gratitude to Reichardt, who has served on the board since 2015.

“Robert, you have devoted eight years of selfless service to this community – and with every decision you have made, you have done so in the best interest of students,” said President Angela Christensen. “You have taught me to be a better board member and a better leader, and I am so grateful for your support of me, of this board and of this district.”

Since he has reached the end of his time on the school board, Reichardt will continue his leadership in the community by serving District 3 on the Littleton City Council.

“I hope it’s been clear that I’m really grateful for the time and the opportunity that I’ve had to serve on this board and for the collegiality I’ve had amongst my board members and amongst the staff,” he said. “This has been a wonderful experience.”

Reichardt reflected on some of the board’s accomplishments over the past eight years, including changing start times, passing a bond and a mill levy override, changing boundaries, closing schools, navigating the pandemic and hiring a new superintendent.

“I feel like I’m leaving the district in good hands,” he said, highlighting the district’s educators, staff, administrators and board members. “I’m so grateful to everyone who ran for the board and I’m so grateful that our community chose Chérie as my replacement.”

After the new board was seated, the members elected their officers.

A woman next to a judge raises her hand in taking an oath
Chérie Garcia-Kuper takes her oath of office, officially joining the Littleton Public Schools Board of Education. / Photo by Nina Joss.

Christensen will continue to serve as the board’s president, with Andrew Graham as her vice president.

McCrary will remain treasurer and Joan Anderssen is the new board secretary. Garcia-Kuper is the board’s new assistant secretary.

Arapahoe County will certify the election results on Nov. 27.

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