Arvada’s new city council was sworn in on Nov. 13, with newly elected Mayor Lauren Simpson taking her seat at the center of the dais and new councilmembers Sharon Davis and Shawna Ambrose also sworn in.

Councilmember Bob Fifer — who was formerly an at-large representative — was sworn into his new District 4 seat, and Councilmember Randy Moorman was unanimously elected Mayor Pro Tem after being the only councilmember to be nominated.

Council chambers were packed to the gills as Municipal Judge Katheryn Kurtz led the councilmembers through their oaths of office while each was accompanied by family and friends.

Outgoing Councilmember David Jones and longtime Mayor Marc Williams gave their final remarks from the dais and were honored with recognitions from the city for their public service.

In his closing statements, Williams — who has spent 12 years as Arvada’s Mayor, preceded by 12 years as a councilmember — offered his ten recommendations for those working in public service. Williams’s principles have been paraphrased.

10. Do the people’s business.

9. Take responsibilities seriously, but don’t take yourself too seriously.

8. Read your packet, be prepared, get your boots on the ground and view the sites you’ll make decisions on.

7. Ask the city team for their input.

6. Listen to and respect the input of our citizens, especially the ones who didn’t vote for you.

5. Disagree agreeably.

4. Remember the primary responsibilities of municipal government are roads, utilities and public safety.

3. Always remember the sacrifice of our police officers; stand with our police every day.

2. Keep local politics local and nonpartisan.

1. Make time for your family. They are your greatest cheerleaders and support system.

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