I can’t imagine a world without nonprofits. While they need our support all year, my favorite time to give to them is now.

Colorado Gives Day is always the first Tuesday in December. This year the 24-hour online giving campaign meant to increase philanthropy across the state falls on Dec. 5.

There are two reasons why I participate every year.

First, any donation amount is valuable. So a donation of $5 from someone means as much as one that’s $500. Because on Colorado Gives Day, nonprofits that receive a donation can receive a boost from the Community First Foundation’s Incentive Fund. The catch is that the donation has to be made specifically on the day. But, donations can be scheduled in advance to go through on Dec. 5.

The second reason I like Colorado Gives Day is that every registered nonprofit is eligible to receive donations through the program. Therefore, you will be able to donate to whatever cause you are passionate about. According to the website, there are more than 3,400 participating nonprofits. The website allows you to browse by location, cause and keyword. Or, you can type in a specific name of a nonprofit if you already know which one you want to donate to.

You can look into it at coloradogives.org.

Colorado Gives Day aims to make a difference in our communities. If you are a numbers person, here are some stats. Colorado Gives Day got its start in 2010. That first year, 20,119 donations were made for $8 million. Last year, 251,126 donations were made, bringing the total donations amount through the years to $415 million.

There are also tangible examples of the impact. Sometimes nonprofits will write a personal thank you letter. I got one from an animal shelter that I once donated to.

I also give to the Parkinson Association of the Rockies in honor of my father. In the edition of the “Parkinson Voice” magazine that follows Colorado Gives Day, it gives a shout out to both me and my dad — by name — on its donation pages. Even though I get my byline published every month in the newspaper, there’s just something extra special about seeing my name next to my dad’s in that magazine every year.

Speaking of publications, this is also the time of year that Colorado Community Media does its annual giving campaign. Your voluntary reader contribution helps us to continue to deliver unique and interesting stories that matter. You can access our giving page from the homepage on any of our sites. Or, here is a direct link: Give to CCM.

Another way to support us is to become a member. We have a couple different options for monthly and annual subscriptions. Plus, we offer discounts for older adults. Learn more about our membership options at coloradocommunitymedia.com/membership.

Christy Steadman is the editor of the Washington Park Profile, Life on Capitol Hill and Denver Herald newspapers. She started with Colorado Community Media in 2014, and as a reporter, covered Highlands...

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