Diver near lake with two other people
A diver from Inland Marine Services gets ready to check a damaged gate at Ketner Reservoir Nov. 7. Credit: Christopher Edmunds, City of Westminster

Working with underwater specialists, the City of Westminster stopped a leak at Ketner Reservoir and is now making plans to replace a malfunctioning valve.

Ketner Reservoir is a manmade lake that holds stormwater runoff located north of 100th Avenue in the Countryside neighborhood, close to Standley Lake. It is the centerpiece of Ketner Open Space, which features a one-mile lake loop and is beloved by many for its peaceful atmosphere and mountain views.

About two weeks ago, a dive team entered the lake as part of a routine inspection. During testing, divers opened a metal gate used for flood control, and were unable to close it. Water began draining from the reservoir. While city officials said the drainage didn’t cause any issues, it did lower the reservoir level, alarming area residents.

The city hired Centennial-based Inland Marine Services to successfully block the pipe, stopping further drainage. City staff is now making a plan to permanently repair the gate, which they said can be done without draining the reservoir.

Mayor Pro Tem Dave DeMott is a resident of the Countryside neighborhood, and said he’s committed to seeing the reservoir refilled.

“Part of the reason I’m involved is this is personal for me; I’ve lived over here my entire life,” he said. “The community is worried about it, and I understand.

“The number one priority was to fix the problem that caused the issue. Refilling the lake right now would potentially hurt those efforts. Once they get the leak fixed, we’ll talk about getting it back up to a normal level. I ask people for their patience.”

Meanwhile, with water levels low, the city is planning a volunteer event to help clean up the lake and do maintenance on a nearby trail. The city will provide materials and equipment for the event, and a spokesperson said they intend to post details this week on the City of Westminster home page and its social media pages.

Westminster city staff are also working with fish and wildlife officials to ensure the lower water level doesn’t adversely impact wildlife.

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