The students at Brighton Adventist Academy and Little Lambs Learning Center give back to the community. Credit: Courtesy photo, Jodie Aakko

The children of Brighton Adventist Academy and Little Lambs Learning Center honored community leaders with gifts of appreciation for their work keeping the city strong and safe Nov. 9.

“It was a fun chapel because everyone came, even the mayor!” said first grader Jackson Rego. “My class dressed up and sang a song about careers.”

“I was pleasantly surprised and honored they recognized the people who work hard to make Brighton a great place,” said Brighton Mayor Greg Mills.

The students presented an Appreciation Chapel ceremony with a long list of dedications to city executives, city workers, police officers, firefighters, sheriff deputies, veterans, parents and grandparents, all in attendance. The ceremony is meant to thank the community’s elders and inspire the students themselves.

“I was happy that my relatives were there, and I love the movie that the preschool made about firefighters,” Fourth grader Kyna Peters said. “I appreciate how the police and our firefighters keep us safe.”

The children gave out handmade cards and care bags to honorees, singing their hearts out, reading tributes and sharing testimonies.

“I thought it was nice for the veterans to be thanked for what they have done for us.  My dad was there and he got a card.” Liliana Marr, grade seven said.

  “It was nice that we got the time to spend with veterans, and let them know how much we appreciate them giving us freedom,” Christopher Santos, grade seven said.

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