Colorado is facing a perfect storm of challenges that require clear-eyed, sober-minded leadership from our elected leaders at the state and federal level. Unfortunately, it appears our public officials are distracted pursuing personal vendettas instead of addressing the issues affecting everyday Coloradans.

Inflation is a prime example. Our state is not only home to the worst restaurant price inflation; the Denver Metro has the worst inflation problem of any metro area in the United States. These seemingly unstoppable price increases are cutting into our wages and making it harder to put on the table for our families.

Inflation is not the only surge we have seen in our state that our government has failed to take action against. Reports from this spring found our state to have the highest rate of violent crime victimizations among the 22 most populous states in the country, with rates soaring to more than double the national average.

These are the problems that Colorado residents really care about, and they deserve adequate attention and action from our elected leaders. Instead, the Biden administration and Attorney General Phil Weiser are busy trying to dismantle American tech companies at the request of their billionaire competitors, draining precious time and resources from our top law enforcement agencies in the process.

It’s time for our leaders to set aside these distractions and start taking on the issues impacting Coloradans.

Ellen Graham


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