Most parents have concerns about their child becoming an adult and think they face an increasingly tough world, a concern throughout time. Every generation has had its challenges and advantages.

My parents faced fighting in WW2 with limited food, gas, tires, sugar, jobs and other hardships. Yet, they survived and raised a wonderful and creative family with enough food on the table and at least one pair of shoes each.

When I became an adult, every male faced the Vietnam draft. “Have you fulfilled your military obligations?” was the 1st question on a job application. Interest rates for a home were 7.5%+++ and there was an electricity shortage nationwide. Granted, home prices were much less but so equally were wages. We found jobs, ways to afford a home and raise a family, though not always easy.

Our children became adults at a time of extreme interest rates and economic hardships. They found a way to find success, friends and raise a family.

Our granddaughter found ways to get thru college, find love, marry, begin saving for a home and is looking forward to starting a family.

Our grandsons are getting through college, studying and working hard toward their 2nd graduation in May and ready to “fly” where ever the world takes them.

My mother told me “I’m sorry to leave this world to you.” Generation to generation to generation to generation, every parent is concerned for their children to become adults, just part of being a parent.

If we have taught them perseverance, there should be no hand-wringing, only hope for the future. Every generation has faced its challenges and through perseverance has thrived. The next generations can and will do the same.

Leanna Palmer

Castle Rock

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