Troy Abeyta is putting his ballot in the drop box at the Fort Lupton Aims Community College polling center on Nov. 7.

Story updated at 9:47 a.m. Nov. 8

A pair of budgetary questions aimed at improving Weld County’s RE8 buildings failed at the polls.

Weld County School District RE-8 ballot Issue 5A taxes would have increased to $4 million annually. It failed 1,845 no votes to 1,255 yes votes, according to the unofficial results.

The funding would have gone toward staffing and retaining teachers to upgrade technology and enhance curricular needs.  It’s a property tax mill levy.

Weld County School District RE-8  ballot issue 5B, would have increased the districts debt by $70 million. It failed by similar ratio – 1,818 no votes to 1,279 yes votes.

It would have increased property taxes by $8.2 million annually to fund Fort Lupton High School’s roof, lighting, kitchen, auditorium, and mechanical systems upgrade. 

The bond would also have paid for repairs at Twombly Elementary, updating the roof, asphalt, concrete, kitchen, and mechanical systems. It would have also paid to add parking, add artificial turf to the athletic fields and LED lighting to the stadium at Kenneth Homyak PK-8.

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