Fort Lupton election
Alex Miller votes at the Aims Community College polling center in Fort Lupton on Nov. 7. Credit: Belen Ward

Voters added two new names and returned one incumbent to the Aims Community College Board of Trustees.

The Aims Community College District is governed by a five-member Board of Trustees. Each trustee is elected to a four-year term by voters in the college’s taxing district. This includes all of Weld County, plus small portions of Adams, Larimer, Logan and Morgan counties and the city and county of Broomfield. 

The Board is composed of one member from each of the five districts. Together with the College President, these elected individuals monitor and oversee the purpose, mission, vision and policies of the college.

In District E, which covers the southwest portion of the district, voters selected John W. Haefeli to fill the trustee seat through 2027. According to the unofficial tally Nov. 9, Haefeli had 15,456 votes compared to competitors Jennifer Patrick, who had 14,793 votes, and Joseph Bodine 12,838 votes.

Incumbent Heidi Windell, representing the college’s District A, was unopposed and collected 37,753 to cement her seat.

Newcomer Jennine Truswell was also unopposed for the college’s District B sat. She collected 38,122 votes.

The three new members join members Gene O’Hara and Marilyn Schock on the Board of Trustees.

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