A birds eye view of Mainstreet in downtown Parker.
Looking over Mainstreet in Downtown Parker. Credit: file

Updated [4:23 p.m., Nov. 8] Unofficial results of the four Home Rule Charter ballot questions for the Town of Parker show three of the four ballot measures were approved.

The lone question where voters said no had to do with language in the town’s charter regarding bequests, gifts and donations question. 

The Charter, also known as the Home Rule Charter, is similar to a constitution as it is the legal framework of how the town’s government operates. Any changes to the charter can only be made through a vote of the residents. 

Previously, the town’s enforcement ordinance allows town council to enforce ordinances and regulations by setting a fine up to $1,000 or imprisonment up to one year for each offense. 

However, state law authorizes higher amounts of fines, mostly to keep up with inflation. 

With 9,453 votes to 7,436, residents approved amending and readopting Section 3.1 of the Charter, concerning town council, allowing the enforcement mechanism to be in compliance with state law. 

Under Colorado state law, municipal courts are authorized to impose a fine of up to $2,650, adjust for inflation and imprisonment up to 364 days. Therefore, the town’s municipal court levy fines and imprisonment sentences to correspond with the offense. 

To ensure consistency with Section 15.19 of the Charter, voters approved amending Section 4.6, Departments Created. 

In 2019, voters approved amending Section 15.19, which states that the responsibility of the personnel manual is with the town manager opposed to the town council. 

The approval clarifies that the town manager is in charge of the administration, discipline of staff and the personnel manual by removing the language that the council may provide for the manner in which the department heads supervise, control and discipline employees. 

The charter question to amend and readopt Section 8.3, regarding the oath of office was approved by 14,553 to 2,596 votes. 

As all new police officers are required to take an oath before the town clerk or a judge, the chief of police and town clerk may now administer the oath. 

Voters did not approve charter question 2D, which would have amended and readopted Section 15.7 concerning bequests, gifts and donations. 

There were 8,702 votes against the measure and 7,841 to for it. 

Town council will remain responsible for accepting gifts and bequests as well as give away gifts instead of allowing designated staff to accept or make donations of certain categories of properties. 

A resolution will have to be made to accept property and an ordinance will have to be made to donate property. This personal property must be able to be picked up, cannot be land. 

Town Mayor, Jeff Toborg said the council will continue business as usual.

Final unofficial results will be posted to the Town of Parker website on Nov. 17 due to active military and overseas citizens ballots and the official election results will be certified on Nov. 27.

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