A voter casts his ballot a day early at the Voter Services Center in the Adam County Building in Brighton on Nov. 6. Credit: Scott Taylor

Story updated at 6:30 p.m. Nov. 9

Brighton voters returned one incumbent city councilor to office and picked three new faces to fill out the dias at the Nov. 7 polls.

Councilor Tom Green defeated challenger Jessie Williams to keep his seat as a Brighton Ward 1 City Councilor, collecting 1,127 votes to Williams 547 votes according to unofficial results on Nov. 8.

The results were too close to call in Ward 4, with candidates Kathryn Le Donne and Lloyd Worth moving to a run-off vote to fill the seat left vacant when Councilor Adams Cushing moved out of his ward and resigned from his seat.

Le Donne picked up 714 of the 2,009 votes cast, about 36%. Opponent Lloyd Worth picked up 602 votes, roughly 30% of total. Since neither candidate reached a 50% majority, the two will face each other in mail-in runoff. Registered Ward 4 Brighton voters will get ballots mailed to them beginning Nov. 20 and must return them to Brighton City Hall, 500 S. 4th Ave., by 7 p.m. Dec. 5.

Two other seats were filled by solo candidates, with no challengers. Jim Snyder will take over the council’s Ward 2 seat currently held by Mary Ellen Pollack.

Christopher John Fiedler will take over the Ward 3 seat being vacated by Clint Blackhurst.

The newly elected council members will be sworn in on Jan. 2.

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