Welcome to our exclusive Election Night Photo Gallery, brought to you by the talented journalists of Colorado Community Media. In this collection of images, we invite you to follow the excitement unfolding during tonight’s election. Join us on this visual journey through the heart of #Election2023

CCM Newsroom

a person working on a computer
CCM’s Nina Joss works late into the evening awaiting final election results. Credit: Deborah Grigsby
two reporters hover over a computer
Englewood reporter Elisabeth Slay and CCM editor Scott Gilbert hover over a laptop as they prepare a story for election night coverage. Credit: Deborah Grigsby
An editor seated at a table smiles over a laptop.
CCM Western Regional Editor Kristen Fiore settles into the CCM newsroom as election coverage gets underway on Tuesday night, Nov. 7. Credit: Deborah Grigsby
two reporters talking in the newsroom
CCM Senior Reporter Ellis Arnold (standing) and Editor-in-Chief Michael de Yoanna discuss election coverage in the Englewood newsroom as elections get underway Nov. 7, 2023. Credit: Deborah Grigsby
A man placed his ballot into the ballot box
A former Asian farmer resident of Commerce City stopped by to drop off his ballot and said that the city is growing, and we all need stay together in this changing times. He requested to stay anonymous but shared enthusiastically that his whole family came from Korea back in the 60s right after the Korean War with his parents and six siblings. Credit: Rossana Longo Better
a woman dropping off a ballot
A resident of Commerce City who recently became a citizen for the right to vote happily dropped her ballot, spoke in Spanish and said the most important issues in the area are: constant chances, economy and most of all is safety for their families. Elsa shared in Spanish her thoughts about the need to become a citizen in order to vote. Credit: Rossana Longo Better
a smiling woman places her ballot in the ballot box
Deborah Peck dropped her ballot at 11 a.m. at the Commerce Civic Center, she said it is crucial to make your voice heard. Credit: Rossana Longo Better
Ryan Donahue gets some help from poll worker Kris MacPherson Nov. 7 at the Voter Services Center in the Adams County Human Services Building in Westminster. Credit: Scott Taylor
Person voting
A voter considers her choices inside the Voter Services Center in the Adams County Human Services Building in Westminster Nov. 7. Credit: Scott Taylor
Jaime Martinez describes the ballot machines designed for people with disabilities and the blind to vote. Credit: Belen Ward
a ballot being inserted into a ballot box
Across the metro area, voters are going to the polls. Credit: Thelma Grimes
A woman talking on the phone, surrounded by people
Pam Grove answers a congratulatory phone call at her watch party after seeing that she is in the lead for the Littleton City Council At-Large race. Photo by Nina Joss.
two men look at their phones
Brian Macaulay and a watch party attendee look closely at the first round of unofficial election results, which show Macaulay narrowly leading Chérie Garcia-Kuper in the Littleton Public Schools Board of Education race. Photo by Nina Joss.
A man and a woman sitting next to one another, smiling.
Douglas County school board president Mike Peterson and Superintendent Erin Kane watch election results come in at Duke’s Steakhouse in Castle Pines. Early results show voters passing the $66 million mill levy override for teacher raises by 52%. Credit: Photo by McKenna Harford

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