Englewood residents voted on various questions that would change the language of the Englewood City Council Chart. File photo

UPDATED 7:55 a.m., Nov. 10.

Englewood residents were giving a thumbs-down to five questions that would change the language of sections of the city charter in first-round results of the Nov. 7 election. 

A tally released at 6 p.m. on Nov. 9 by Arapahoe County shows the following:

Question 2A: To ensure consistency with TABOR and other provisions of the Charter, shall the City of Englewood Home Rule Charter be amended to exclude voter-approved taxes from right to challenge ordinances through referendum? 

  • 3,583 voted yes and 4,186 voted no for a 46-54 ratio.

Question 2B: Shall the restrictions on timing and topics for special elections in Sections 14(2) and (3) of the City of Englewood Home Rule Charter, be repealed to allow the City to conduct special elections with more flexibility and responsiveness to citizens seeking voter action through initiative and referendum and to conform with TABOR concerning questions for approval of general obligation bonds and shall Sections 6, 34, 48, and 77 of the City of Englewood Home Rule Charter be amended to conform with the repeal of Sections 14(2) and (3)? 

  • 3,661 voted yes and 4,045 voted no for a 48-53 ratio.

Question 2C: Shall Section 34 of the City of Englewood Home Rule Charter be amended to require one election for recalls, allowing for the question whether an elected officer should be recalled and the election of new elected officers to be considered at the same election and to remove the requirement that circulators for nomination petitions be residents of the City of Englewood to comply with state and federal law?

  • 3,363 voted yes and 4,280 voted no for a 44-56 ratio.

Question 2D: Shall the portion of Section 58 of the City of Englewood Home Rule Charter describing the Duties of the City Planning and Zoning Commission be repealed in part to allow City Council to designate decision-making authority for subdivision plats by ordinance?

  • 3,018 voted yes and 4,460 voted no for a 40-60 ratio.

Question 2E: Shall Section 71 of the City of Englewood Home Rule Charter be amended to allow City Council to delegate authority to sign contracts and land conveyances?

  • 3,748 voted no and 3,904 voted no for a 49-51 ratio.

To view the latest results and for more information, visit the Arapahoe County elections website or the city of Englewood election website.

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  1. To be honest, as a dedicated voter who believes its a civic duty to vote, it is a regret all of the ballots (2A,2B,2C,2D,2E) with Englewood were not clear. You know if you are not understanding the ballots with no “blue book” analysis, it is easier to mark it as “no” which is why I believe this is what s happening. Unless someone can correct me that there were accessible resources for the voters?

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