A City of Castle Pines logo on a window at the city offices
A City of Castle Pines logo marks a window at the city offices in August. Credit: Ellis Arnold

UPDATED 1:45 p.m. Nov. 8: An incumbent opened up a wide lead over a challenger for the city council seat in the central and east part of Castle Pines, while a race between two incumbents in the northwest part of town was less lopsided in early results just before 12:10 a.m. Nov. 8.

An incumbent in the central and east parts of the city, Geoff Blue, is an owner at Gessler Blue Law Firm, according to a LinkedIn page. His opponent, Heather Hankins, a Realtor, trailed by a large margin.

Blue was up 63% to Hankins’ 37%, with about 1,200 votes counted.

An incumbent councilmember in the northwest part of town, Deborah Mulvey, a trial attorney, posted a smaller lead over the current councilmember for the western part of the city, Kevin Rants.

Mulvey was up 53% to Rants’ 47%, with about 2,000 votes counted.

Rants and Mulvey are running against each other for the northwest seat because the city recently “redistricted,” or redrew the boundaries of the districts from which city councilmembers get elected.

“I lived on the north end of (District) 2, and after the boundary changes, I live on the south end of 1,” Rants told Colorado Community Media in an earlier interview. “A lot of the growth on the east side of the city had kind of disrupted the equal representation and balance (among) the three districts, so it was necessary to balance things out.”

Rants works at the Colorado Department of Public Safety, overseeing matters of management and accounting.

Meanwhile, longtime Castle Pines resident Ron Cole ran unopposed, clinching the seat in the western district.


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Castle Pines City Council includes two members from each district, or area, of the city. They serve four-year terms.

Additionally, the mayor represents the community as a whole and presides over all city council meetings.

Castle Pines is divided into three districts of nearly 5,000 residents each, according to the city’s website. District 1 encompasses northwest Castle Pines, and District 2 includes the western part of the city, generally south of District 1.

District 3 covers the central and east parts of the city.

You can use the city’s online map to find the district you live in by searching for your address at tinyurl.com/CastlePinesDistrictMap.

Community elections are dynamic, so this story may be updated as new information becomes available.

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