We have entered November. It is hard to believe how fast our months and seasons come and fade away these days. It is a regular occurrence for someone to tell me to treasure the time I have with my children because it goes so fast.

I understand that all too well these days as my daughter is in her final year of high school and my two sons are growing too fast, becoming more independent and finding their own personalities, hobbies and interests every day. Hugs at bedtime are even becoming few and far between.

While I take a lot of this column space every week to gripe about the world around me, there are times we all need to take a breath and look at the good.

With the Thanksgiving season upon us, I often reflect on all that I have to be thankful for and a lot of the things I often take for granted.

It’s likely no surprise that I am most thankful for my children. After a long day, week at work – my 10-year-old son is often one of the first to give a hug, say something supportive and let me know I am a good mom even if the world outside does not always treat me nicely because of the work I choose to do.

My 7-year-old is always ready with a football to play catch. Whether inside or outside, he will play for hours if I participate that long. I try to play as often as I can, as I continue to take the advice about time going way too fast. Of course, he hates when I try my Patrick Mahomes “no-look” pass because I rarely hit him on his slant route, as he says he is trying to be like Steffon Diggs. He often stresses that I cannot be a Kansas City Chiefs quarterback throwing to a Buffalo Bills receiver.

With my daughter, I am thankful for how much she and I laugh together these days.

I am also thankful for the staff I have the pleasure of leading in the south metro area for this company. My team has grown into quite a group of talented reporters and editors. All of which makes me proud every day because after more than a year of leading them, we have truly made strides in this region.

I am thankful to have my work family as much as I have my family at home.

I am thankful knowing that with more time, we will get even better.

I am also thankful for the recent privilege to interview and write a tribute story for Sonya Ellingboe, who has written for our company for many decades. In talking to a woman who has accomplished so much in her lifetime, I can only hope to be as accomplished and busy in my 90s.

I am always thankful to put pen to paper and write stories like hers. They truly matter.

In the end, I am also thankful for my home and the partnership I have with my husband who is supportive when I get breaking news texts at 10 p.m., working late on election nights, or taking calls from a reader or elected official or candidate who is not happy with one of our columns or stories.

He knows the business and he understands my passion for it — I couldn’t be thankful enough for his continued patience as he and I are nearing our 25th wedding anniversary. That alone is an accomplishment I am thankful for too.

Thelma Grimes is the south metro editor for Colorado Community Media.

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