Davon Williams is an unopposed candidate for the Englewood Schools Board of Education. Credit: PHOTO PROVIDED BY ENGLEWOOD SCHOOLS

The Englewood Police Department confirmed on the morning of Nov. 2 that they are trying to locate Englewood school board candidate Davon Williams to take him into custody on an active Adams County arrest warrant.

Williams, 34, is running unopposed for the Englewood School Board.

In a statement, the Englewood Police Department said, “We are aware of the warrant for Davon Williams. We have made attempts to contact him and will continue to do so until we are able to take him into custody on the warrant if and when we are able to locate him. We understand the community’s concerns and hope that due to the media attention, Mr. Williams will turn himself in to the police department as soon as possible.”

Police are attempting to locate Williams and are acting on an outstanding warrant that has been active since January 2020, according to the Adams County Combined Court Records Department.

In an email to the Englewood Herald, Williams said, “I have counsel dealing with this. No comment.”

Records show that Williams’ active arrest warrant is for a 2019 allegation of “aggravated motor vehicle theft second degree” in Westminster.

According to the affidavit, a buyer purchased a car from Williams, and it broke down months later.

Allegedly, the buyer arranged for Williams to tow it to a mechanic’s shop. After some discussion of Williams buying back the vehicle while it was allegedly in the shop, contact ceased. The buyer’s next knowledge of the vehicle’s whereabouts came six days later when Denver police notified the buyer that the vehicle had been found in a parking garage, the affidavit says. 

Affidavits from Denver and Adams County courts, as well as records from the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, show a list of charges against Williams going back more than a decade. They include felony convictions for aggravated motor vehicle theft and theft.

Court records show Williams was originally sentenced to probation in both felony cases, but probation was revoked in 2017 and he was resentenced to 90 days in jail in each case, with the sentences to be served simultaneously.

Williams and Gary Kozacek, with whom he shares an address, were at the center of a petition fight to stop the rezoning of the Sam’s Automotive site, where a proposed residential development is now on hold due to a lawsuit Williams and Kozacek recently filed against the city and city clerk in Arapahoe County District Court. Documents show the lawsuit is ongoing. 

Williams, Kozacek and fellow Englewood residents Kurt Suppes and Sandy Kettelhut also filed a petition in late October for a referendum to prevent changes to the city’s Unified Development Code, a density-increasing ordinance known as CodeNext, from taking effect. The CodeNext plan won a 4-3 approval vote from the city council on Sept. 25.

They failed to turn the petition by the deadline on Oct. 26.

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