Cherry Creek's state runner-up field hockey team for 2023. Credit: Jim Benton

Cherry Creek knew it was a big challenge to be playing Colorado Academy in the state championship field hockey game.

Creek played well but not well enough as Colorado Academy won its third state title in five years with. In the close match, Academy took home the state title 1-0 on Nov. 1 at All-City Stadium.

Colorado Academy has won eight state titles and played in its 15th championship game on Nov. l. The team went 18-0 in the 2023 season.

The Mustangs gave up only two goals in those 18 victories and their defensive power was evident against Creek as the Mustangs clogged up the passing lanes and made it difficult for the Bruins to cross midfield.

“Colorado Academy just plays with a style that is intense and with every ball they are right on it,” said Creek head coach Paula Petit-Molina. “They just did a real good job defending and I also think our players just kept the ball on their sticks that much longer. That really makes a difference.”

Mustangs senior Zoe Martin scored her 38th goal of the season with 1:58 to play in the first half for the only goal of the contest.

Cherry Creek, which has won two state titles and been in nine title games, finished the season with a 15-3 record with two of those three losses coming to Colorado Academy.

“I knew coming into this game no matter what the outcome,I was going to be proud,” added Petit-Molina. “We played them earlier this season and it was a 3-0 game. We just held them to a 1-0 game. We didn’t give them any goals in the second half.

“These girls are easy to coach and this state tournament was amazing for them. My team is young and is mostly made up of freshman, sophomores so we have great things planned. I couldn’t be more excited and how proud for the way they played against Colorado Academy.”

Cherry Creek defeated Denver East, 6-0, in the semifinals.

Junior Grace Manning had two goals and five points against Denver East. Taylor Shoflick, Janelle Soukup, Talia Keshavatz and Hazel McDonnell had the other goals.

Jim Benton, who covers sports for Colorado Community Media’s south metro region, is a graduate of the University of Denver who worked 41 years for the Rocky Mountain News in Denver helping to cover a...

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