The public should be able to trust both elected officials and candidates running for public office to tell the truth and ensure their claims are based on facts. In this Clear Creek School Board election, our citizens, and especially our students, should always be told the truth.

The public comment process at Clear Creek School Board meetings is accessible to all. Comments are limited to three minutes and any person who wishes to address the school board must follow policies that support safety and civility. During the pandemic, when a mask mandate was in place, an attendee refused to wear a mask properly and was asked to leave. That is a fact.

The truth is that public schools across Colorado have seen steadily declining enrollment over the last three years. Jefferson County closed 16 elementary schools last year. Because of CCDS experiential and outdoor learning opportunities, access to sports and after school activities, plus our four-day school week, CCDS is attracting new families.

The truth is that for all kids in Clear Creek to be successful, we need a school board that is dedicated to ensuring that everyone from teachers, to the chief financial officer, and the superintendent are supported with a healthy, productive and efficient environment. Let’s elect candidates who will ensure our public school teachers and staff have what they need to do their jobs, without political bullying.

The truth is that Clear Creek School District has been successful in supporting students with a superb education, new and improved facilities and multiple pathways to college or career. As a result, we have a new interim superintendent with a stellar reputation as a district leader. Let’s elect school board candidates who will ensure our Superintendent is successful so that our students and our district community continue to thrive.

In this election, voters should choose candidates who we can trust and who will take productive action for our students, schools and communities. Vote Sandi Schuessler and Anji Gallanos for Clear Creek Schools.

Liz Houston, Evergreen

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