Indoor tennis courts.
Littleton Golf and Tennis, located at 5800 S. Federal Blvd., offers renovated tennis courts and a golf course. Image courtesy of South Suburban Parks and Recreation District.

Community leaders gathered to eat, drink and celebrate at the grand opening of a reconstructed recreation facility in Littleton.

Littleton Golf and Tennis, located at 5800 S. Federal Blvd., is a renovated South Suburban Parks and Recreation District space for sports and gathering.

The special grand opening event on Oct. 19 celebrated the end of a reconstruction project that started in the summer of 2022. 

Becky Grubb, the communications director for South Suburban, said the project was budgeted to cost around $13 million.

The property previously hosted a tennis facility that locals referred to as “the bubble,” due to its dome-shaped structure. In 2021, a windstorm tore the structure, Grubb said.

The district was already planning to reconstruct the facility in 2022 as part of its capital improvement plan, Grubb said.

The reconstruction project included a complete reconstruction of the clubhouse and the tennis facility.

The new clubhouse includes a new pro shop with golf clubs, attire, footwear and more. It also has a full service restaurant called the Centennial Grill, televisions, an outdoor patio and a full-service bar.

The tennis facility received new court striping, a new structure and better lighting and air circulation, Grubb said.

This South Suburban location still has other amenities that were in place prior to reconstruction, including the 18-hole golf course.

Grubb said South Suburban is excited about the opening of the new facility, especially the indoor tennis courts.

“There’s not a lot of indoor tennis options in the Denver metro area and we wanted to be able to continue that programming,” she said. “(Our community has) said they want indoor courts and we wanted to maintain that as a priority and we’re excited that it’s back open … You can play your round in there, regardless of the unpredictable Colorado weather.”

She added that the new clubhouse is a great place for people to gather for food and drink and take in amazing views.

“We just want to encourage people to come see it now that it’s open,” she said. “Just come take a look around and enjoy the new space.

Pricing options and schedules for the golf course, tennis facility, pro shop and restaurant are available at

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