Voters received ballots on Oct. 16 and will decide elections across the Denver area on Nov. 7, Election Day. Credit: Shutterstock

As election season comes to a close, here is a reminder of all the upcoming elections and ballot measures in Englewood on Nov 7. 


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Englewood City Council 

Englewood residents Rita Russell, Tena Pragne and Rick Emmelhainz are running for two At Large seats on the Englewood City Council. 

Russell currently holds one of the seats while Prange and Emmelhainz would provide new perspectives to the council. 

Englewood residents Brenda C. Hubka, Kim Wright, Michael Chisholm and Peter Eckel are running for an At Large seat on the Englewood City Council. The one elected will serve a two-year term with the council. 

Englewood residents Joe Anderson and Laurett Barrentine are running for the District 3 Englewood City Council seat in the Nov. 7 General Election.

Anderson currently sits in the District 3 seat and if elected Barrentine would be on the council for a third time following two pervious terms in the early 2000s and 2014.

Englewood residents Matt Crabtree and Othoniel Sierra are running for the District 1 Englewood City Council seat in the Nov. 7 General Election. Sierra currently serves at the Mayor of Englewood and Crabtree would be new to the council. 

Englewood Public Schools 

Voters will vote yes or no on a Debt Free Mill Levy for Englewood Public Schools in the Nov. 7 General Election. If passed, the district will use initial funds for teacher and employee retention by increasing and sustaining salaries. 

Englewood residents Davon Williams and Katie Wilberding Cross are running for two seats on the Englewood Board of Education in the Nov. 7 General Election. 

With only two seats open, Williams and Wilberding Cross are running unopposed.

Englewood Schools Ballot Questions:

Ballot questions regarding the mill levy are as follows: 

Shall Arapahoe County School district no. 1 taxes be increased by not more than $4 million in 2023 for collection in 2024 and by such amounts as may be received in any year thereafter from a mill levy of up to 11 mills, with such revenue to be used for ongoing cash funding for new technology, existing technology upgrades, maintenance needs of the district, and capital construction provided:  

● such revenue will be utilized to offset costs which will free up more general fund revenue for purposes such as continuing to attract and retain quality staff including but not limited to teachers, custodians, paraeducators, bus drivers, and nutrition services personnel; and  

● such mill levy may be increased annually to generate the prior year’s revenue adjusted for the annual increase in the consumer price index; 

provided that the mill levy for the first year shall not exceed 5 mills and no mill levy increase from year to year thereafter shall exceed one mill in any particular year; and shall such additional revenues, imposed pursuant to and in accordance with section 22-54-108.7, C.R.S., be deposited into the supplemental capital construction, technology and maintenance fund; and shall the district be authorized to increase such mill levy -4- beginning in tax collection year 2024 and annually thereafter to offset property tax refunds or abatements or reductions in the percentage of actual valuation used to determine assessed valuation?

Charter Ballot Questions 

The ballot questions regarding changes to language in the Englewood City Charter are as follows: 

“Question 1: To ensure consistency with TABOR and other provisions of the Charter, shall the City of Englewood Home Rule Charter be amended to exclude voter-approved taxes from right to challenge ordinances through referendum? 

“Question 2: Shall the restrictions on timing and topics for special elections in Sections 14(2) and (3) of the City of Englewood Home Rule Charter, be repealed to allow the City to conduct special elections with more flexibility and responsiveness to citizens seeking voter action through initiative and referendum and to conform with TABOR concerning questions for approval of general obligation bonds and shall Sections 6, 34, 48, and 77 of the City of Englewood Home Rule Charter be amended to conform with the repeal of Sections 14(2) and (3)? 

“Question 3: Shall Section 34 of the City of Englewood Home Rule Charter be amended to require one election for recalls, allowing for the question whether an elected officer should be recalled and the election of new elected officers to be considered at the same election and to remove the requirement that circulators for nomination petitions be residents of the City of Englewood to comply with state and federal law?” 

“Question 4: Shall the portion of Section 58 of the City of Englewood Home Rule Charter describing the Duties of the City Planning and Zoning Commission be repealed in part to allow City Council to designate decision-making authority for subdivision plats by ordinance?” 

“Question 5: Shall Section 71 of the City of Englewood Home Rule Charter be amended to allow City Council to delegate authority to sign contracts and land conveyances?” 

There will be 24-hour ballot boxes available in front of the Englewood Civic Center located at 1000 Englewood Parkway and in front of the Arapahoe County Public Health Department located at 4857 South Broadway. 

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