As the former Clear Creek Middle & High School School Counselor from 2020-23 and former Clear Creek County Education Association (CCCEA) President and Bargaining Chair during the ‘22-23 school year, my first-hand experience along with nearly a decade-long tenure as a Special Service Provider in public education aid in my decision to enthusiastically endorse both incumbent member Kerry Ann McHugh, running for Director District E and Marcie King, running for Director District A.

I strongly believe in Kerry Ann’s committed leadership demonstrated at every BoE Meeting as well as her ability to advocate for all students and Eductors (all-encompassing term) at CCSD RE-1. I also believe that Marcie’s committed voice for inclusion, collaboration, and transparency makes both of these candidates best positioned to lead CCSD RE-1 as BoE Members. 

Residents of Clear Creek County deserve school board members who will actively engage in the community and in the event there is disagreement, listen and communicate through civil discourse. Educators at CCSD RE-1 deserve board members who will collaborate with them to ensure they have the necessary resources to deliver the best education and social-emotional learning possible to all students. Further, and maybe most importantly, every student deserves board members who champion equitable access to education. I truly believe that both Kerry Ann McHugh and Marcie King embody all of these characteristics and more. I encourage my fellow residents to join me in my support this November. 

Brian Tracey, Idaho Springs

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