Voters all across our state will get the chance to decide on Proposition HH – a cost-saving measure that will provide immediate property tax relief while protecting funding for schools, fire districts, water districts, and local governments. Colorado is experiencing one of the sharpest increases in property taxes in history because of growing home values. If we don’t act, this tax increase could devastate many hardworking families, seniors, renters, and businesses. Prop HH is the only way we can stop this crisis from happening.

Prop HH is a responsible solution that would save the average homeowner over $1,000 over the next two years AND protect funding for our schools, fire districts, and libraries. That’s why respected organizations like AARP Colorado, Colorado Education Association, Colorado Professional Fire Fighters, and the League of Women Voters of Colorado have all come out in support of Proposition HH.

Prop HH reduces property tax assessments, makes the Senior Homestead Exemption portable so that seniors don’t have to worry about sacrificing their benefits if they move, provides $20 million in rental assistance every year, and caps future property tax increases. And a married couple making under $198,000 or an individual making under $99,000 will receive a larger TABOR refund in 2023 if Prop HH passes while still receiving billions of dollars in refunds in future years.

Colorado has the opportunity to pass responsible property tax relief that saves hardworking Coloradans money and maintains funding for our local services. Don’t listen to the far right special interest groups opposing HH, they only want to protect tax breaks for the wealthy. We cannot afford a 40% increase in property taxes while too many in our state are struggling. Please join me in voting YES on Proposition HH.

Tom Coogan, Arvada

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