I would vote for Anji Gallanos because she’s qualified, interested, and invested in the community.

Her qualifications: With a Masters in Special Education, she was a classroom teacher for over 10 years and a combination of district and state level leadership roles for an additional 10 years. We see that she continues to learn and keep up with the latest developments in the field, as she is scheduled to finalize her Doctorate of Education in Education Leadership in December 2023.

She’s interested: Yes, in addition to having the qualifications, she is interested in exerting the time, effort and energy to carry out the duties of a School Board Director for Clear Creek County. Having moved to Georgetown from Evergreen two years ago, she will bring new ideas and fresh thoughts on how to approach and solve existing and new problems facing the Board.

Invested in the community: Anji and her husband purchased a house in Georgetown when they moved here in 2021, showing their commitment to the community. She has volunteered her time to support local community events, including the Slacker Marathon and the Georgetown Christmas Lighting. Now she would like to go one step further, and apply her professional experience and knowledge to the entire county by filling the position of School Board Director for District E.

Yes! Vote for Anji Gallanos for School Board Director, District E because she’s qualified, interested, and committed to the entire Clear Creek County community!

Jeannette Peterson, Georgetown

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