Why would anyone vote for a purported ‘tax relief’ measure which is nothing more than a classic ‘bait and switch’?

Re ‘Prop. HH’, why would any property owner vote to accept a fractional amount of his expected/required annual TABOR (Taxpayer Bill of Rights) tax refund, for so-called property tax relief?

Why would any renter vote to give 100% of her TABOR refund to the State with nothing to show for it? Why would she acquiesce to giving an estimated $5119 of her much needed funds to our grasping State spenders over the next 10 years for purposes unknown?

Why would either choose to unleash an extra $2.2 Billion annually for our state government to spend unchecked, when it cannot even fix simple potholes in our roads in a timely fashion today? 

Fellow voters, isn’t that money to come out of our pockets?

With $1.8 Billion already inflicted on us by the Legislature (in regulations, taxes, and fees) plus the $2.2 Billion to come additionally through ‘HH’, do we really need the State spending cap to be raised by 1% annually for 10 years on top of that, with the proviso that it can be raised similarly for an additional 10 without voter approval?

Shouldn’t ‘HH’ be resoundingly be rejected, and ‘real property tax relief’ come ASAP from our governor and legislators? 

Vote NO on ‘HH’

Russell W Haas, Golden

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