The Advanced Clean Cars 2 rule that will be happening at the Air Quality Control Division (AQCC) on October 18th. Colorado has the opportunity to promote healthier air in a state where we have a zip code that is considered one of the worst in the country. While the administration is taking an important step, I want to encourage the passing of the full rule of 100% zero-emissions vehicles by 2035. While this is not a ban on gas vehicles and does not apply to used vehicles, the ruling will have positive benefits for people across the state.

First off, it will better help protect public health and advance environmental justice by improving our air quality. Our low-income and BIPOC communities who are placed near highways are at a greater disadvantage. And the longer we wait to adopt rules such as this the more our neighbors have to suffer. Also by adopting the rule, we are in a better stance of fighting climate change.

The rulemaking will also save Coloradans money. Adopting EVs will save drivers money on fueling and maintenance costs and also will lead to significant electricity rate reductions, saving everyone money on their monthly electric bills. The adoption of the rule will also encourage manufacturers to bring more affordable new EVs to the state sooner along with jumpstarting the market.

Colorado is a leader when it comes to clean vehicle policies, and we must continue that legacy by adopting the full rule in 2023. Colorado has the opportunity to demonstrate national leadership on this and pave the way for other states to do the same.

Shelby Sedgwick, Lakewood

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