My wife, Mary, and I have been residents of District 2 in Arvada since the late 1970s. Over the years, we have witnessed numerous changes in our community. What used to be dirt roads are now paved, and the constant development, rising taxes, and increasing housing costs have left us feeling somewhat neglected by the City and our elected officials. It seems that the citizens of Arvada have often been deceived into voting for council members who prioritize their own interests rather than those of our great city. However, despite these challenges, Mary and I maintain a sense of optimism because there are young individuals like Mike Griffith and his growing family who are actively working to improve our local government.

We have been acquainted with Mike Griffith and his family ever since they moved into our neighborhood. Mike is a truly unique candidate. He is not your typical politician; both political parties have struggled to label him within their traditional boxes. His motivation does not stem from seeking personal glory either. In fact, Mike already has a successful career as a senior partner at a prominent infrastructure firm. What sets Mike apart is his genuine dedication to public service. Despite having three young children and a demanding job, he has devoted himself to serving on the planning commission and board of adjustment for an impressive seven years. I urge anyone considering their choice for the District 2 candidate to delve deeper into Mike’s record of working diligently on boards, committees, and commissions. Make your decision wisely and don’t fall victim to divisive political tactics that have consistently burdened our city with ill-equipped and morally questionable leaders.

In conclusion, while Mary and I have encountered challenges throughout our time living in Arvada’s District 2, we believe that people like Mike Griffith bring hope for positive change in our local government. With his unique perspective and commitment to public service, we trust that he will make decisions that truly benefit our community as a whole. If you desire better roads, vote for Mike. If you seek affordable housing solutions, vote for Mike. For a safer community, vote for Mike. And if you long for an elected official unafraid to stand up for what is right, then without hesitation, cast your vote in support of Mike Griffith.

Chris Bennetts, Arvada

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