Northglenn campaign finance reports show differing philosophies

Campaign finance reports from Northglenn’s mayoral race show some differences in both money raised, the philosophies behind each campaign.

The first round of reports for the 2023 municipal elections were due Oct. 17.

They show current Northglenn Mayor Meredith Leighty has so far received $4,800 in contributions.


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Challenger and current Northglenn Councilor Tim Long has received $4,600.

And challenge Mark Bromley shows $20 in itemized contributions. His sole contribution came from Thornton political protestor Dariush Namazi.

Meredith Leighty Credit: Courtesy

Leighty’s largest contribution was $2,000 from the Adams County Democratic Party. Shawn Fitzgerald of Northglenn’s TH Automotive was her second highest donor, at $1,000. Leighty did not respond to a call or email requesting comment on her report.

Leighty was elected to the Northglenn City Council in November 2017, and appointed mayor pro tem in June 2019. She was elected mayor in November 2019.

Tim Long

Tim Long’s campaign is largely self-funded; he contributed $3,900 of the $4,600 raised.

“Mine is a minimalist dollar campaign focused on yard signs and (an) ad,” Long said.

The ad says that Northglenn is “at a crossroads.”

“City council should not be making decisions off biased opinions and or fulfilling political ambitions,” it reads, adding that Long is running to “bring the decision making back to the people.”

Long was appointed to council in February 2023 to fill a vacancy created when former Councilor Jenny Willford resigned.

Protest donation

Mark Bromley Credit: Courtesy

Bromley’s single donation is recorded as coming from Danny Kulmann “aka Dariush Namazi”. Namazi is a Thornton political activist who opposes Mayor Jan Kulmann for what he believes are far-right political beliefs, using the name Danny Kulmann as an alias while he conducts public protests.

Bromley’s report notes that Namazi’s donation was “made under deception, donor used alias.” It also notes in a section for occupation of the donor: “Bad actor/9News claims comedian.”

Bromley said he is running an independent campaign not influenced by political parties or other factors.

“I live in poverty,” he said. “I’ve been an artist in Colorado all my life and never get any kind of grant or funding because I’m not with the establishment or the Democrats or the powers elected to office that control these funds.

“I do not like to beg for money as it makes me feel less human. I have morals and ethics and values, and I would rather be poor than wealthy (and) cheapen myself as my opponents who are bought for a price by the corrupt and wicked.”

For information on the other Northglenn candidates’ campaign finance reports, visit the City of Northglenn’s candidate information page.

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