Two medical students speak with a guest at an event.
Two medical students from Rocky Vista University speak with a woman attending the Women's Health and Wellness event at the Parker Fieldhouse in Parker. First and second year medical students speak to guests about a variety of health topics. Credit: Haley Lena

With a goal to empower women and prioritize their well-being, Colorado Community Media partnered with Advent Health Parker and Castle Rock to put on a Women’s Health and Wellness Event in Parker. 

Women were invited to the Parker Fieldhouse, which was sponsored by the Parker Chamber of Commerce, for a day of listening and learning. They could listen to speakers talk about various health and wellness topics, shop and meet vendors and take part in free health screenings. 

The health screenings allowed guests to check their blood pressure, glucose, body mass index, memory, skin and resting metabolic rate. 

Neary 300 attended the day-long event, which included everything from informative workshops to self-defense classes. Guests also had the opportunity to learn about the latest nutrition, fitness, mental health and self-care trends. 

With over 60 vendors, there was a wide variety of businesses. From Elevated Dermatology to Indigo Breath & Wellness, Pivotal Sports Performance to Vibe Foods, guests could try different products. 

Throughout the day, guests took part in getting their eyelashes done, facials, a 15-minute stretch session by Stretch Lab and IV drips by Skincare & Moore

Nikki Shahi is a student at Rocky Vista University and along with other students was participating in the event. 

Additionally, she helped assist the self-defense course. The course gave women a few tips on how to defend themselves in different kinds of situations – such as a party – and had the chance to practice their newly learned skills.

Although she was busy talking to attendees about what they do at the school, Shahi had the chance to go look at other vendors where she took part in a 15-minute stretch at the Stretch Lab vendor. 

Like Shahi, many individuals working the vendors took time to mingle with other businesses, collaborate and learn about what is offered in and around the community. 

Alex Sopocy and Aspen Graber with A Promising Future said they were able to have good interactions with people who came by and allowed them to educate people on what they do. 

Located near Parker, A Promising Future focuses on health for women who face unexpected pregnancies and help develop life-skills. 

Holistic health coach, Natalie Dunston spent the day speaking to guests about the constant stress that women take on and helped them to develop stress techniques and improve their self-esteem. 

JoAnn Puls attended the event as she wanted to see what was available and recommend it to others.

Previously a nurse, Puls is also a breast cancer survivor and a founding board member of Peace Lights with a goal to empower women and support other women. 

“To me, this is so important,” said Puls. “We need this as women.”

She said that going to the event allowed her to take in a lot of information that she can give to others such as breast cancer support groups. 

“As women, we need to be empowered in all aspects of our health,” said Puls. “We have a tendency to give and give to others and we need to remember to take care of ourselves.”

Those who registered for the event were in the running for multiple prizes such as gift cards to Skincare & Moore, a hydrofacial, one BBL Treatment from Elevated Dermatology, free entry to the Sugar Detox Academy, a free master class entry to Sourcing to Source and more. 

Other sponsors in the event were Rocky Vista Health Center, Orange Theory Fitness, Douglas County Mental Health Initiative, Douglas County Health Department, Renewal by Andersen and the Parker Chamber of Commerce

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