Six candidates running for the three open seats on the Westminster Public Schools Board of Education participated in a candidate forum October 4 at the Grange.

A question was asked about how the candidates felt about a husband and wife running on one of the two slates, Charles and Brenda Gallegos. The assumption was that they would vote similarly on most issues. The Gallegos would represent 40% of the votes on the five-person Board.

When responding, Brenda Gallegos called the question sexist.

What? Sexism remains today a very serious problem that can have devastating impacts on women. Research shows that young women who experience sexism are five times more likely to suffer from clinical depression.

See it. Name it. Stop it.

But do not use the word to manipulate the audience’s emotions when answering a math question. I will be voting for the MMY slate—Martinez, Murphy, and Yanos. Their answers during the forum demonstrated how well they listen and care, essential qualities in Board members who will be making significant policy decisions that impact our wonderful students and terrific teachers.

Marilee Menard, Westminster

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