As your elected State Representative representing Golden, I value when I can trust and depend on other elected officials. Mayor Laura Weinberg is one of those colleagues.

Mayor Weinberg understands the issues that Golden cares about. That’s why the Mayor is committed to identifying the strategies needed to reach the city’s sustainability goals.

As a State Legislator, I trust Mayor Laura to advocate at the state level for changes that will benefit Golden. Her work advocating for the Extended Producer Responsibility bill was recognized by Recycle Colorado awarding her 2022 Outstanding Elected Official of the year.

Housing is also a major topic for Golden and the state. Mayor Laura is a leader working to strengthen local, regional, state, and national partnerships to position Golden favorably in broader housing efforts including access to state funding to address housing and homelessness.

The Mayor has focused on housing challenges throughout her Council tenure including the adoption of housing goals in 2017 and the completion of the Housing Affordability and Needs Study in 2022. A top priority for the Mayor is creating housing options for smaller households, first-time homebuyers, and seniors who want to stay in Golden.

She recognizes the importance of preserving existing housing and is working through the National League of Cities’ Healthy Housing Initiative as one of six cities working to improve the health and quality of housing.

Golden residents also appreciate the many cultural institutions and creative individuals bringing history and the arts alive in our community. The arts are an essential part of building community, improving quality of life, and enlightening and connecting people. Golden’s arts and cultural organizations have a positive economic impact for the city and an important role in education.

Mayor Laura brought forward the 2023 initiative to develop an Arts & Culture Master Plan. This framework will help to elevate Golden’s culture and sustain a dynamic, thriving, inclusive cultural community.

Please join me in supporting Mayor Laura Weinberg for another term to continue the good work you know and trust and keep Golden on track.

Brianna Titone, Arvada 

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