It’s municipal election season! As usual in Golden, candidates and their supporters are knocking on doors, making phone calls, sending texts, writing campaign messages, and scheduling meet-and-greet times. As not-so-usual in Golden, unsubstantiated claims and deceitful rumors seem to be flying around town like autumn leaves.

The undersigned are seasoned observers and participants in our town’s municipal elections. Mike served as City Manager for 22 years; Marjorie was a City Councilor and then Mayor for a total of 12 years. This year, we are saddened to see some advocates ignoring the longstanding “Golden Rule” for conducting fair campaigns. We would like to provide some perhaps-forgotten guidelines that underscore the value of votes cast by informed residents.

Candidates’ records — of public service, community efforts, and comments — can be the best indicator of their values and positions. Thanks to local media, municipal websites, and Colorado transparency laws, this information is readily available for first-hand review.

One advantage of small-town politics is that general gossip about candidates can be verified (or not) by asking the candidates themselves or the people who know them best. We hope you have the courage to do that.

Public resources should not be expended to support a candidate.

By law, Golden municipal elections are nonpartisan. The ballot does not identify candidates by political party because City leaders’ job is to solve problems (like potholes) that have little political affiliation.

Election time is an opportunity to choose leaders who represent your values and vision. The importance of casting an informed vote cannot be overstated. We’re confident that Golden voters will accept their voting responsibilities and elect leaders with the ability to guide our town into the future.

MikeBestor, Former City Manager
Marjorie Sloan, Former Councilor and Mayor

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