Thornton Councilmember Kathy Henson made a motion at a recent Council meeting to allow voters to decide who fills council vacancies instead of allowing the Mayor and councilmembers to decide for them. As usual, the Mayor and her herd voted against it (6-3).

I was voted off Thornton City Council in February 2022, by Mayor Kulmann, Mayor Pro Tem Sandgren, Councilmembers Matkowsky, Acunto, and Unrein.

The correct process to remove a councilmember is a recall by the voters. Ward One had no interest in pursuing my recall. Voter participation was unwanted by the Mayor and her herd, resulting in the disenfranchisement of voters. The unwillingness of the Mayor and her herd to allow the voice of voters is typical of the abuse of power we have seen for the last four years since Kulmann was elected Mayor.

I live and work in Thornton. My primary employer is my law office. I work multiple other contracts outside of Thornton.

In July 2021, I accepted a contract to work in Alamosa four days a week. The short-term contract was due to end a few months after I was removed, as all Councilmembers were aware.

After accepting the contract, I bought a house in Alamosa, at 3% interest, because it was cheaper than renting. I commuted back and forth between Thornton and Alamosa. Sometimes I flew and sometimes I drove. I missed 1 council meeting and had no complaints.

After I was voted off Council by the Bully Block I accepted another short-term contract for four days a week in Alamosa. I resigned in February 2023. I sold the house in April. It was under contract and rented until it closed recently.

One current Councilmember regularly missed half of planning/council meetings. Another current Councilmember missed three full months of meetings. Again, I missed one council meeting.

Ten people from Ward One interviewed for my seat and I would have supported any of them. They were all active, involved community members. There was one candidate that nobody knew. The candidate that the Mayor and her herd voted in, Eric Garcia. Not the person Ward One voted for and not even the person Ward One wanted.

This conduct does not embrace democracy. Ward One wants their vote back.

Our only chance is electing Justin Martinez for Ward One.

Dr. Jacque Phillips, Esq., Thornton

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  1. First of all, thank you for your service to the community. The community isn’t an easy one to figure out and deal with. I am a constituent of this community and am glad for you telling it as it is. We need to hear more voices like yours. Thank you again.

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